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SPHC Astrophysics Applications
  RR Lyrae 3D Pulsating envelope Model Setup      Version: LV3-6
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  Stellingwerf     May 2014
 This is the pulsation model shown in the 3D movies. Has embedded unstable mixing layer at the convection zone, and develops an extended atmosphere / corona / wind.

Runs with the open source version of SPHC.

Must have the units.inp file in the same directory.
  Movies of 3D RR Lyrae Pulsation Model - See Abstract for file links      Version: 12.04
  Stellingwerf     December 2013
 Download a movie of the cross section and velocity of a 3D RR Lyrae model with unstable mixing layer and extended atmosphere/wind here (12 Mb).

Download the "sky view" movie of this model here (12 Mb).

Color in the sky view film indicates temperature, with red = 5,000 K, blue = 10,000 K.
  Movie of a pulsating star envelope with an RT unstable layer.      Version: 12.02
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  Stellingwerf     February 2013
 This is a 2D model of a spherical RR Lyrae envelope that is free to pulsate, and contains a density inversion that is RT unstable, similar to the convection layer found in realistic models. Note mixing strengthens with each outgoing shock, suggesting Richtmyer/Meshkov instability. (NOTE: 30 Mb file, NOT a streaming video!)

At the end of the movie, the KE versus time plot is shown. Note that the mixing event quenches the pulsation, but the pulsation persists to the end of the run at small amplitude.
SPHC Demos
  Steel Plate Oscillations / Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
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  Stellingwerf     May 2007
 1) Oscillations in a steel plate following an impact at the center of the plate. Color = velocity.
(Powerpoint movie, click to see movie in full screen display)
(NASA project)

2) Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and subsequent mixing in a 16 m block of water. The red layers have a density of 2, the blue layers are density 1. Normal gravity is on. There is a square indentation of the interface at time zero. Note the surface waves generated by the turbulence.
SPHC Overview
  SPH Basics      Version: 2
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  Libersky, Stellingwerf     April 2012
 Motivation and derivation of SPH/SPHC technique.
  SPHC Summary
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  Stellingwerf     January 2011
 Presentation showing the SPHC assumptions and features.
Impact examples are taken from work on space tether impacts.
Most examples are from early (2003) NASA projects.
  Impact Modeling with SPH
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  Stellingwerf and Wingate     April 1994
 An early summary of the code's attributes and results. Note that the code stability and strength model have been improved since this publication.
SPHC User Guides
  SPHC Validation Test Suite      Version: 12.44
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  Stellingwerf     March 2020
 Full documentation of the current code validation tests, with listings, as well as several examples of more advanced code applications.
  SPHC User Guide      Version: 12.08
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  Stellingwerf     July 2014
 General code overview, covering all aspects from installation and equations to usage.
  Wind Tunnel Modeling Capability      Version: 10.20
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  Stellingwerf     July 2010
 Guide to wind tunnel modeling capability for SPHC. Includes examples, results, code samples, and a discussion of the limitations of this approach.
  SPHC Application to Fluid Interface Instabilities      Version: 1.1
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  R. Stellingwerf     July 2012
 Detailed background, issues, and validation of SPHC as applied to Richtmyer Meshkov interface instability.
  Rictmeyer-Meshkov InstabilityTest Case
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  Stellingwerf     March 2011
 Comparison of a Mach 1.5 Atwood # = -0.67 interface instability modeled at University of Colorado versus the SPHC model. The CU model is running on an adaptive grid supercomputer code. SPHC is running on a PC. See Richtmyer-Meshkov movie here....
  Shock Tube 1D - shock.inp
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  Stellingwerf     June 2007
 Standard 1D 4 to 1 density jump shock tube.
This is an example of an SPHC setup file.
View with any text editor.
  SPHC_Launch.s      Version: 1.00, 2.00
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  Stellingwerf     June 2016
 Script for launching SPHC batch jobs. Requires S_tran interpreter to run, but can be viewed with any text editor.

Launch runs jobs consecutively, Launch2 runs all jobs simultaneously.
  Units/Conversions Data Base      Version: 1.3
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  Stellingwerf     February 2014
 Units.inp = definition of a variety of units in terms of the basic cgs system. Allows any units to be used in an SPHC setup file. Use "read_file units.inp" to include in the run.

units_SI.inp = reads in the above file, and sets all output to SI units

units_Br.inp = same, but for British (engineering) units
  SPHC Data Post-processors      Version: 1
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  Stellingwerf     September 2012
 These are examples of SPHC data post processor scripts. They require stran.exe to execute (see Services->S_Tran)
1. SPHC_Filter.s - read a dump and filter the results - example here is to compute the total mass of "solid" material in region 1
2. NBR.s - read a dump and find "clumps" of connected particles. Write a summary of the number and size of all clumps found.