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SPHC Hydrocode

SPHC is a Smooth Particle Hydrocode developed over a period of roughly 20 years by Bob Stellingwerf with lots of help from Tony Giancola (while at Mission Research Corp.), Chuck Wingate (LANL), and many more employees and colleagues too numerous to mention here. It formed the foundation for the LANL code SPHINX, and in turn inherited some SPHINXish ideas, most notably the input file and problem setup styles. SPHC has many innovative features, including
  • Modeling of solid, liquid and/or gas phase problems.
  • 1D, 2D, 3D modeling capability, cylindrical and spherical symmetry supported, as well as 2.5D cases.
  • Inflow and Outflow boundaries for gasdynamic simulations.
  • Flow boundaries can track an object being moved by the flow.
  • Virtual Stress Point (VSP) strength of materials computation - computes stresses at points between particles for stability and exact mass, energy, momentum, and angular momentum conservation.
  • An extensive material library, including porous materials, viscoelastic foams and aggregates
  • A full computational capability in the setup file using the "Stran" programming language.
  • An extensive set of "Stran" applications available for data processing
SPHC is being used for high velocity impact modeling, gasdynamic flows, multi-phase flows, shock analysis, shaped charge design, and other challenging problems. MHD and Laser deposition modules are under development. See "SPHC Images" (below) for examples of applications. Licensing information is available upon request.

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