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Complex Systems Analysis

Welcome to Stellingwerf Consulting

SC provides its customers expert advice, analysis, and simulation modeling in a variety of complex systems areas. High velocity flow, impact modeling, data analysis, and complex materials modeling are a few of the currently active areas.

Past projects have ranged from modeling the SL9 asteroid impact on Jupiter to models of foam impacts on shuttle tiles and composite structures for the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation. Currently, high velocity impact and weather damage projects are underway.

The image at right - shows a 3D SPHC model of a spherical water drop being disrupted by supersonic air flow. Water is blue, bow shock is orange and red (colored on pressure). Cut-away (rear half) view. The drop is compressing in the center and disrupting at the edges, exactly as seen in wind tunnel experiments. Although this case is interesting in itself, the disruption is rarely seen in water drops about to hit supersonic vehicles because of the short time between the vehicle shock encounter and the impact.

Hydrocode Images: See... -> Services -> SPHC -> Images for more pictures.

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