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Complex Systems Analysis

Welcome to Stellingwerf Consulting

SC provides its customers expert advice, analysis, and simulation modeling in a variety of complex systems areas. High velocity flow, impact modeling, and data analysis, are a few of the currently active areas.

Past projects have ranged from modeling the SL9 asteroid impact on Jupiter to models of foam impacts on shuttle tiles and composite structures for the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation. Several high velocity aerospace impact modeling projects are underway.

This site provides Smooth Particle Hydrocode (SPHC), Phase Dispersion Minimization (PDM), Pulsation One-Zone Model, S-Tran Interpreter, and Thor plotter support and information.

The image at right - Polar view showing the complex rotational profile of a 3D SPHC model of a red giant star that is simultaneously rotating and pulsating. Rotation is counter-clockwise - the colored sectors started as linear wedges. The rough edges of the sectors are caused by mixing in a convective layer near the surface. Maximum average rotation velocity occurs at the base of this mixing layer. The low density region beyond the surface is flowing outward and is driven by a series of strong outgoing shock waves.

Hydrocode Images: See... -> Services -> SPHC -> Images for more pictures.

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