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Historical Archive
  Original Fortran Versions of PDM
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  Stellingwerf     July 1986
 This archive contains a copy of the original Fortran version of the PDM code. This version was distributed in 1980-1986 on punched cards or floppy disk. PDM3 is a cleaned up version of the same code, and should run. A copy of the 1986 cover letter is included. Unfortunately, the Users' Guide has not survived.
PDM2 Presentations
  Pasadena, 1/2011
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  R. Stellingwerf     January 2011
 Review and comparison of three period search techniques, including the new features of PDM2.
Program and Data
  PDM Test Script, TU Cas Data, Thor plot file
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  Stellingwerf     June 2007
 This script analyzes the TU Cas data set. The data and thor files are included.
Edit the script to do various test cases.
See PDM manual or S Applications manual for details.
  PDM2 Source Code in C      Version: 3.08 (4/16/13)
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  Stellingwerf     April 2013
 This is the C source code for PDM2 in the form of a callable C function. Fully documented in the comment fields. All needed subroutines, functions, and macros are included. Should compile and run. Compare the output to the Test_output file to verify operation. This code has been tested with Visual C++ 6.0 and RedHat / gcc. For Linux/UNIX installations, use...

gcc -lm -o pdm2 pdm2f.c

(thanks to Brani Sesar, CalTech, for testing on Linux).

NOTE: For Windows users, download S_tran.exe, which contains PDM2 and PDM2b as user functions. Full details and examples are in the S_tran Applications Guide.
  Rich Data Set Version - Source code in C      Version: 4.14 (4/16/2013)
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  Stellingwerf/Macri     April 2013
 -4.14 - MAXIT changed to 200 -
-4.13 - check sig values on read-

This is an alternate version of the Unix source that uses 100 bins to cover the data, rather than the normal 10 bins. This can produce spectacular results if LOTS of data points (at least 10000) are available, and phase coverage is complete.
Technical Manual
  PDM2 Manual      Version: 2.00 / 4.14 (PDM2)
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  Stellingwerf     May 2021
 This is a summary of updates to the algorithm and test cases.
The mathematical details are in the Ap.J. paper.
Also see the S Application Manual.