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Game Scripts and Documents

These are some fun games that are also S program examples. See abstracts for descriptions.

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A-Z Word Finder
  Word Finder - Scrabble Help      Version: 1
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  Stellingwerf     July 2014
 Find all words containing specified letters between two strings of a given length. Letters are used once, and multiple letters must be in the letter list. Example in the script is length=7 range=aaaaaaa-zzzzzzz, letters=siretlh. Answer is "slither".

You must supply a dictionary="words.txt" consisting of a list of all allowable words, one per line, ACSII text file.
Mastermind Games
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 This is the "normalized" version of "Mastermind".

A hidden string is generated, of a specified length, and a specified number of symbols. The symbols used here are 1,2,3,4,...etc. Defaults are length=5 and symbols=5. The following feedback is provided: 1) number of exact matches, 2) number of diagonal matches. See example on the "Games" page.

e.g. hidden string = 11222
guess = 22333 => matches = 0, diags = 6 .. (3 2s in string times 2 2s in guess)
guess = 12342 => matches = 2, diags = 6 .. (1 and second 2 match, lots of diagonal 2s and 3s)

The sum of the number of matches and diags = the sum over all the symbols of the number of occurrences in the guess times the occurrences in the target. So, if the guess has a limited number of symbols, this constraint gives some solid information about the target.
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 A 2D version of Mastermind. Here an NxN array of numbers is generated, with M symbols. Defaults are N=3 and M=3. A guess of the entire array is made and the number of hits is displayed for each row and column. Again, the symbols are 1,2,3... , but in this case integer arithmetic is used to store and check the results. An option is included (type 0) to "give up" and see the hidden array.
RUBIK - puzzle simulators
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 2x2 cube. See 3x3 case for details. The file rot2.s contains needed subroutines.
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 The classic Rubik Cube. Zip file includes the cube.s driver, several subroutine libraries, and an assortment of move sequences. An external file macro.r can be inserted in a move sequence by using parens thus (macro)

Transforms are clockwise turns of each face:
(clockwise when looking at the face!)
u l f r b d

counter-clockwise turns are caps:

Center slice moves are
*r *R *u *U *f *F

Rotate whole cube:
>r >R >u >U >f >F
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 4x4x4 Rubik cube. See cube3 notes for details.
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 5x5x5 cube. Moves same as cube3, with the addition of center slice moves
@r @R @u @U @f @F
  PYR.s - Pyramid Rubik Puzzle
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  Stellingwerf     July 2007
 Tetrahedral Rubik simulator. See Notes.txt file in Zip folder, or notes in pyr.s itself for details.
  Sudoku.s      Version: 1.9
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  Stellingwerf     December 2007
 Read (an example, chart1.txt is supplied) or enter a SUDOKU puzzle. This program will assist you with a variety of hints, or solve the puzzle.