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Download the files below to install and implement the SPHC package.

PLOTTER - is NOT provided.

Easiest solution is to run Thor on a Windows partition.

I will share suggestions for UNIX display options as they come to my attention.

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SPHC Executables
  Windows Executable Files      Version: 99.03
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Link to Document
  Stellingwerf     October 2016
 For Windows, these files are all that you need to run SPHC (Open Source). Includes SPHC.exe - main code, and SPHCInt.exe - the GUI run interface (see Users' Manual).

Also be sure to get Thor.exe from the Thor plotter page.
SPHC Guides
  All Guides - 12 Mb      Version: 99.02
Link to Document
Link to Document
  Stellingwerf     June 2014
 12.5 Mb tar file

Setup2 and User guides updated 6/19/2014
SPHC Source Code
  Current Source Package - 1 Mb      Version: 99.03
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  Stellingwerf     October 2016
 All *.c and *.h files.

Also includes makefile , restart macro , units files

Read UNIX_NOTES !! Read the user manuals !!

1 Mb tar file

Some minor code changes to ascdate.s and sph.h 6/19/2014
Minor changes to sphinit.c and gridgen.c 10/22/2016
Code version in sph.h should now read 99.03
  von Karman Vortex Street Test case, Mach 1/2, Re = 530      Version: 1r
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Link to Document
  Stellingwerf     November 2015
 This is a 2D model of atmospheric flow around a cylinder. Flow speed is 530 ft/s (Mach 1/2, Re=300). A "street" of vortices should develop.

Illustrates wind tunnel setup, variable ratio gridding, and transition to turbulence. This is validation test for the effective viscosity of the code for subsonic and supersonic flow. Matches experiments in both limits.

Caution - runs about 15 hours. For a quicker test, reduce the particle number...or, increase the Mach number (reset variable Machnum). Get the eddy street for speeds up to Machnum = 2 (Reynolds number of about 1000). Above Mach 2, the flow becomes turbulent.
  "Dart" Wind Tunnel Test Case - 72 Mb      Version: 1os
Link to Document
  Stellingwerf     June 2014
 This is the open source version of a supersonic dart in a wind tunnel. Ambient conditions are STP, velocity is approximately Mach 18.

Some "retries" to adjust the timestep are normal. Note lower Mach number shock at rear, due to hotter conditions post-shock.

Should run about 2 hours.
  SPHC Test Suite - 155 Mb
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  Stellingwerf     June 2014
 All tests outlined in Unix_Notes

155 Mb tar file - sorry for the big file, I do not trust gzip on my Windows system.

Includes "units.inp" - full list of unit conversion factors for setup files. Customizable.
  Richtmeyer Meshkov Instability Tests - 250 Mb      Version: 1
Link to Document
  Stellingwerf     June 2014
 1D and 2D interface/shock instability tests.

Relocated from the test suite 6/24/2014.

This is the test case pictured on the "Open SPHC" page.

Partial dump list - 250 Mb tar file (sorry!).
Windows GUI
  User interface routine for Windows installations
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  Stellingwerf     May 2014
 This is a windows executable that should run on XP, Win 7, Win 8. Pops up a small control window that allows specification of the code folder, data folder, plotter location, and run parameters.